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our history

The Autonomous Institute for Interdisciplinary Psychology (Founded 10.09.2003) as an Institute to promote occupational psychology in companies and corporations world-wide, and the London Continental Consulting Limited (Founded 01.03.2004), established 2004 a Business School for vocational education, which fits the needs of the education market and served for the purpose of adult learning and deliver top up education for business professionals.

Outgoing from these two educational entities plus further Anglo-Saxon partners the LMCI came into being.

Why Choose Us?

London Metropolitan College International (LMCI) was established for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

We offer each of our students a career enhancing experience through our enterprise driven curriculum where you will work on live projects, solving problems for real businesses.

We are one of the most diverse colleges in Europe with the core of our students in Mainland Europe, but also in UK and the rest of the world.

Throughout our great network of academic partnerships with other educational institutions, we achieve an unprecedented level of globalization.
We work with affiliated Campuses for you, to reach  people all around the world.

In its relations with us, our academic partners functions as affiliated campuses, which are owned and operated independently, but deliver our experienced courses of study.

Executive team:

 Chancellor: Prof. Reiff, D. Litt. , Ph. D.

Provost & Academic Director: Dr. A. Huber


Prof. Dr. Davies

Professor of Business and Economics


Prof.  Dr. L. Reiff

Professor of Eastern Studies and History


Prof. Dr. Fr. P. Vignola (STD)

Professor of Biblical Theology


Prof. K.Anderson, Master of Electrical Engineering

Professor for Health & Safety in the Workplace,
Business Entrepreneurship & Organisation


 A. Naudiyal, PhD in Biology

Lecturer for Biology and Health




Ms. Wang

Mission Statement

We support the advancement of education in order to help to reach the United Nations “Education for all” goal.

Therefore, we would like to express our clear commitment to the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", adopted on 25 September 2015 at the UN Summit in New York.


We are willing to render extra efforts in the field of ongoing and adult education in order to help achieving inclusive and equitable quality education for all.


In order to realize these goals, we foster personal growth by focusing on providing quality vocational - professional development qualifications to those who ideally prefer to study online as means of learning of the 21st century and who realize their adult education by distance learning.

We warmly welcome all international students, especially those from the Commonwealth.

We focus according to the United Nations Agenda on those students who cannot visit a classroom because they live in remote areas, people with disabilities that prevent travel, those who have a busy work schedule and those whose commitments mean they cannot set aside regular hours for study.

We therefore strongly support and implement access to distance education, especially for the disadvantaged.

We rely on those who participate in our activities and who benefit those learners who we want to help to have access to ongoing education readily available.


We want everyone to be able to realize their studies regardless of their financial circumstances and where they live.

Accordingly, we are committed to working with the relevant bodies of the United Nations and UNESCO in order to cultivate global exchange with other academic experts.


Our professors and lecturers attach great importance to interdisciplinary and applied studies in order to intertwine theory and practice as most of them have themselves gained many years of specialist and management experience at the international level - and would like to share it.

LMCI was founded as a not-for-profit organization under British Law in London, United Kingdom.

For this reason, our fees just cover our costs in order to make possible that all students who wish to study with us can do so if they are qualified and willing to persevere.

We are a proud to be a private and independent enterprise and so do not receive any external funding for these educational activities.

Our mission is, to help to reach the United Nations goal “Education for all”.


For this reason, our fees just cover our costs, to make it possible, that all people have the chance to study with us.


We rely on those who participate in our activities and benefit from them to want to help us make them available. 

We want everyone to be able to access the teachings regardless of their financial circumstances.

We are a proud to be independent and do not receive external funding for these activities.



We are very proud to be an Associate Organisational member of  CIVICUS.

CIVICUS is an international non-profit organisation, which describes itself as “a global alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society around the world.

CIVICUS is a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world.




LEGAL Information


The College is a private,  not for profit organization.

Registered in England and Wales, CRN: 11325637

Registered office: