Our academic institution is fully accredited by state recognized and accredited universities in the Americas and Europe.
Some examples of this are listed below.
We expressly point out that our degrees at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels are not awarded by a British university.
Every of this award was granted or was to be granted by virtue of authority conferred by a foreign accredited university.
The overseas degrees awarded through the London Metropolitan College International are in full compliance with all legal and policy requirements of the ““The Education Reform Act 1988”, London, England under whose authority we confer these degrees.

For further reading:

The Education Reform Act 1988 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 02 December 2022.

Fully accredited by the University of Science and Humanities of Veracruz Quetzalcoatl

Fully accredited by the University of Science and Humanities of Veracruz Quetzalcoatl

The University of Science and Humanities of Veracruz Quetzalcoatl is accredited by the government of Mexico, and a high quality educational institution.

Our academic standards are set in partnership with The University of Science and Humanities and are monitored on an ongoing basis and subject to International and European standards and audits.


The quality assurance mechanisms of an UNESCO qualified and experienced University are always been regarded as one of the best standards for higher education in the international field of education.


LMCI College provides our students with the opportunity to study at venues, around the world, with modern LMCI Online Classes and other resources to facilitate students’ busy lives.

University of Science and Humanities validation implies that all our programs are accredited and meet the academic, international requirements and that the quality standards checked by an expert committee consisting of academic and professional representatives are applied.
As a result, LMCI students are enrolled at both institutions.
If they have successfully completed the Bachelor and Master courses, they will receive the corresponding
University of Science and Humanities degree.
The programs are completely renewed every five years and are constantly reviewed.

The University is also listed in the International Association of Universities and recognized by the UNESCO as an academic institution of higher education.

We are also very proud that the university has established a branch campus in the UK, which we support structurally and in terms of staff.

International Association of Universities (IAU) Brochure
Created under the auspices of UNESCO in 1950, the International Association of Universities
(IAU) is an independent organization with over 650 Member universities and organizations in
120 countries. The IAU Secretariat is based at UNESCO headquarters, in Paris, France.
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 © European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Quality Assurance for LONDON METROPOLITAN COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL Vocational Education and Training systems approved!

Certified Implementation of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework at LONDON METROPOLITAN COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL.



The EQAVET Framework (developed by Member States in cooperation with the European Commission and adopted in 2009 by the European Parliament and the Council) is designed to promote better VET by providing authorities and providers with common tools for the management of quality in VET.

Our College is proud to be one of the few institutions of higher education, which have these standards and certification and will continue to do so in the future.


London Metropolitan College International  is  member of the "European Forum of technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET)".

 Due to Brexit in particular, it is important to us to continue working intensively with our European partners.


What is EfVET ?
EfVET is one of the leading European-wide professional associations which has been created by, and for, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers. EfVET’s policy and strategy are formulated by its member colleges and VET institutions. It collaborates with but is independent of all government and funding bodies. Its income is derived from membership subscription, grants and sponsorship.

EfVET represents directly the views of its members on VET issues to all the European Union Institutions and Bodies and responds to all appropriate consultation processes. EfVET offers a network of, and for, professionals to foster connections between researchers, business people, and practitioners in Vocational Education and Training and lifelong learning.

We pay close attention to the protection of your data and are therefore registered with the government authority ICO
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO; stylised as ico.) in the United Kingdom, is a non-departmental public body which reports directly to Parliament and is sponsored by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
It is the independent regulatory office (national data protection authority) dealing with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 across the UK; and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and, to a limited extent, in Scotland.
SOURCE: Wikipedia
Registration Certificate
Information Commissioner's Office Registration Certificate for LMCI
Registration Certificate.pdf
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Department for International Development


London Metropolitan College International feels honored, to be an authorised supplier of vocational and educational programmes for the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID). 


The DFID is part of the British Government’s fight against world poverty, the honorable goal of DFID  is "to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty".


The LMCI is proud to participating in Erasmus+, an initiative of the European Commission.


Erasmus Impact Study
An official publication from the European Commission. (Last version of 2014)
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London Metropolitan College International was a recognized participant organisation of the Europass Programme of the European Union and registered at the national British Europass Office. After Brexit, we are not longer able to use this scheme.

LMCI has partnered with the Department for International Trade to develop sales, growth and stability by selling overseas.

The British education system, which is valued all over the world, is an important export item.

For this, we try to make our contribution.

LMCI is currently exploring export potential to Commonwealth and Asian countries.

The LMCI is registered as an academic institution at the EU Parliament and Commission Transparency Register

The LMCI is a recognized participant organization of the UNESCO / UNEVOC network.

An official publication from the UNESCO.
The Education 2030 Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action specifies that the mandate of the Global Education Monitoring Report is to be “the mechanism for monitoring and reporting on SDG 4 and on education in the other SDGs” with the responsibility to “report on the implementation of national and international strategies to help hold all relevant partners to account for their commitments as part of the overall SDG follow-up and review”. It is prepared by an independent team hosted by UNESCO.
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